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We are working very hard to bring a brand new Pasture Farm near Hosur to raise humanely, pasture(grass) fed poultry and animals and ultimately to your dining table.

We realize the importance of the food consumed by poultry and animals and how it reflects on our health in the end. A diet high in Carbs along with inhabitable living conditions puts a lot of stress on the birds and animals which ultimately results in poor health. Our poultry and animals are raised with a diet majorly focusing on grass, herbs, bugs, etc which encourages less feed consumption.

In the very near future, we plan to introduce our own feed to our poultry and other animals on the farm. This feed will be free of gluten, corn, dairy, soy, and sugar. This feed is to ensure that we raise a healthy and happy chicken for our customers.

For the first time in Bangalore, we plan to make Pasture Raised Chicken available at reasonable costs right to your door.


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