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About us

We at Punarnav Pasture Farms have always wanted to source the best quality foods to ensure a healthy and happy life for us and everyone around us. Sourcing good quality ingredients has become difficult over the years. In recent years, the use of anti-biotics, pesticides, and hormones to enable production on a mass scale has significantly impacted our health and quality of life.
Many of the farm raised animals, especially poultry has suffered the wrath of overuse of anti-biotics and hormones to improve the yield, but at what cost? There is conclusive evidence now that, anti-biotics and hormones injected into the poultry gets stored in the meat (even after cleaning and cooking) and is consumed by many of us on a regular basis.
You might think small traces of anti-biotics or hormones are not enough to create damage or affect our quality of life, but that’s where we are wrong. Yes, even we were wrong to think that at some point of time. We were as misinformed as you are right now. We think it’s not ignorance or unwillingness to procure good quality food but instead it’s a result of years of misinformation backed up by lobbyists and people interested in acting according to their interest.
The practice of using pesticides, hormones and anti-biotics has of course increased the yield and profits for the farmers who most of the time used to struggle to make ends meet. However, over use of harmful chemicals has left us with compromised gut health leading to rise in sicknesses at rates we have never seen before.
The impact of good quality food on mind and body is unmeasurable. When the source of the food is reliable, the taste of the product automatically reflects the efforts that went into that producing that food. Good food not only improves health but also helps us claim our well-deserved high quality of life back.
Can we do something about it?
We are trying to….
In 2021, we decided to start the farm to bring the best quality meat we can produce to you directly. We refrain from using any vaccines, anti-biotics or hormones that might impact the quality of food on your table. Our farm animals are treated as humanely as possible and have been provided ample space to graze on the pasture. We ensure that each chicken is exposed at least 108 sq. feet of fresh pasture during its lifetime at our farm as per the guild lines set by concerning authorities to ensure good quality and consistency in the final product of pasture-raised poultry. We plan to provide 5-Star service to our farm animals. Sounds too much?
It is.
However, we believe that when the animals are happy and are allowed to spend time on pasture, the need for supplements and feed reduces significantly. Not to mention, sun bathing on the pasture makes the chickens stronger and healthier.
We have perfected the manufacturing process in order make it sustainable and affordable for everyone in India. . In the near future, we plan to feed every animal on our farm grain, dairy, soy and corn free feed. There we go, 5-Star treatment again!!
We are determined to bring forward the best quality food, right from our farm to your table, FRESH!!
For that actually we need your help as well. Due to lower demand or unawareness (whichever we want to call it), we are experiencing issues implementing the farm in an economically feasible way. Hence, we chose to produce in batches. If we have enough demand/customers, we can produce and deliver fresh Pasture-Raised Chicken on demand.

Also if you are here, that most likely means you are aware of the importance of eating healthy. Please join us in creating awareness and spreading the message. Please share about us with your friends.

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