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About Us

Cultivating Happiness, Nourishing Health

Welcome to our Happy Farm, where joy sprouts from every seed, and health is cultivated with care. At Punarnav Pasture Farms, our mission is simple but profound: to spread happiness through healthy eating. Our motto, "Happy Farm, Happy Us," reflects not just our philosophy but our way of life.

Our Journey: From Struggles to Triumphs

Punarnav Pasture Farms is more than a farm; it's a story of resilience, health struggles, and triumphant victories. Our founders, Lokesh and Aparna, share a mission born from personal battles. Lokesh overcame gut issues, mental health challenges, and embarked on a journey to wellness through a low-histamine diet and a chemical-free, carnivore-based lifestyle.

Our Motto in Action: Happy Farm, Happy Us!

The heartbeat of Punarnav Pasture Farms is our unwavering belief that the path to happiness starts with what we eat. Through our microgreens, pasture-raised chickens, and organic vegetables, we aim to raise awareness about the transformative power of healthy eating.

Why Choose Us: What Sets Us Apart

  1. Quality Seeds and Clean Environment: We pride ourselves on using non-GMO seeds, ensuring that every crop starts with the highest quality foundation. Our hydroponically grown microgreens flourish in a clean environment, free from harmful chemicals.

  2. Passionate Experts: Lokesh, armed with a research background and a passion for nutrition, brings extensive knowledge about food and its impact on health. Aparna, a certified nutritionist, dedicates their life to helping people heal through nourishing foods.

  3. Beyond Organic: Our commitment to sustainability goes beyond being organic. We prioritize environmentally friendly practices, ensuring that our farm is a harmonious ecosystem that nurtures both the land and the community.

  4. Sustainable Practices: We embrace sustainable farming practices that prioritize the health of the land, the community, and you. Our commitment to environmental responsibility ensures that every harvest reflects our dedication to preserving the planet for generations to come.

  5. Nurturing Happiness: Beyond being a source of fresh and nutritious produce, [Your Farm's Name] is a haven where happiness flourishes. From the carefully tended crops to the joyous clucking of future chickens, our farm exudes positivity and warmth.

  6. Quality You Can Taste: Our microgreens are cultivated with love, care, and attention to detail. The result? A burst of flavor, nutrition, and freshness that transforms your meals into delightful culinary experiences.

Spreading Happiness, One Harvest at a Time

Punarnav pasture Farms isn't just a provider of fresh, nutrient-packed produce. We're on a mission to make everyone's life better, even in the hustle and bustle of city living. Our offerings—microgreens, pasture-raised chickens, and organic vegetables—are not just the future; they are the keys to a healthier, happier today.

Join Our Happy Farm Family:

As you explore our offerings, know that each purchase supports a movement of happiness and health. Let's cultivate joy together, one harvest at a time. Because at Puanrnav Pasture Farms, it's not just about what you eat; it's about embracing a lifestyle that says, "Happy Farm, Happy Us!"

Meet The Team

Lokesh Avala

Managing Partner

Dual Master's of Science in Engineering

Aparna Avala

Managing Partner

M.SC Nutrition and Dietetics

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